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This testimonials page is offered to all those who have attended our annual meetings. Please write your comments in 35 words or less. Include you name, year of service as Past District Governor, Director, or Trustee, and most importantly your District. Your comments your impressions of our annual meeting will hopefully be read by many others. We hope that your comments will encourage other Past Officers to attend our next reunion. Our reunion is open to all PDGs from around the world!

13-Jul-15: Bill Bowden - Past District Governor, District 5750

This is one of the best ways to learn about next year's International Rotary programs, goals, and theme. Speakers are the top RI leaders--Past Pres, incoming Pres, and RI Foundation Chairman. Current world-wide issues are discussed from their point of view. Getting back into the Manchester Hotel will give us face to face time with the 530+DGs in for training. The Reunion Committee produces truly outstanding programs. I am on the front end of this information in my District. Thanks

17-Apr-14: Barry Smith - POR Vice Chair 2015, District 6900

Vivian and I have attended all but one of the POR's since 1996 back in Anaheim CA.

It is a great opportunity to visit with many friends from all over the Rotary World and to catch up with new faces at the International Assembly. Not to mention the time you can spend talking to present and past Presidents of RI along with many of the RI staff not too mention the TRF staff. The chance to buy theme pins and theme materials from the vendors present. Come join us.

22-Oct-13: Jim O'Meara - Chair Elect POR, District 5340

I have enjoyed participating both on the committee and attending the Past Officers Reunion for the last five years. We have enjoyed presenting the best in Rotary leadership and inspiring presentations from Rotary International and the TRF. The presentations that we enjoyed provide the most current information and interesting profiles found in the Rotary World. It is our hope that the information our leaders provide will both inspire and provide Rotary information that we will take back to our Districts and share with our fellow Rotarians worldwide.

21-Oct-13: Marty Peters - Past District Governor, District 5340

Since the year 2005 we have hosted the Past officers Reunion here in San Diego. This is the only meeting that Past Officers of Rotary whether Governors, Directors, Trustees and yes even Past Presidents of Rotary International can meet and discuss any and all matters. They cover current areas as Public Image as well as Foundation updates on Grants, Polio Eradication etc. This way we all can learn more and return to our local Districts and Serve knowing full well that our friends around the world are doing the same. What a great way to mingle with the current and future leadership up close and personal!

My hope is that you will join us in January.

21-Oct-13: Barbara Shayeb-Helou - PDG, District 7750

I attended my first POR 5 years ago and became hooked. I have been back every year since.

It is the best way for a Past Officer to connect with our Leadership, learn what is new and important and not have to worry about formal functions where we play dress up.

It is Rotary at it's core.

19-Oct-13: David A Judge MBE - PDG, District 1240

Every year since 2000 we have attended POR which we find informative, stimulating and a great opportunity to meet up with classmates.

San Diego is a great location, particularly for an extended holiday.

If we can travel from UK, many of you are much nearer.


Christine & PDG David A Judge MBE

10-Sep-13: Frank Devlyn - Past R.I. President, District 4170

The Past Officers Reunion is a unique opportunity to Live and Share Rotary with other Past Officers and at the same time be informed of what is happening in Our World of Rotary from the Present, Incoming and Past Senior Leadership of R.I. This Past Officers Reunion is also a unique opportunity to be better informed by these Senior Leaders as to the why, what, where, when of all that is occurring or should be occurring in our world of Rotary.

7-May-08: Werner Schwarz - Past District Governor 1988-89, District 5160

I have continued to attend for the following reasons: To catch up on the status of Rotary International, to meet one on one and discuss with and listen to past,present,and future leaders. These meetings are less formal than Rotary Conventions and Institutes. They reignite the "fire" of when I was Governor. This reunion lets me be part of the new ideas for Rotary Districts, Clubs, expansions, programs, Foundation projects and grants, etc.

Lastly, they are Fun and I get to renue friendships with friends that continue to serve humanity and have fun doing it! Join us in San Diego next January!

13-Apr-08: Luis Vicente Giay - RI President 1996-1997, District 5340

I would like to congratulate you and all in charge to organize the 2008 Past Officers Reunion for your success and great meeting.

Please accept my best wishes and warm regards and convey my gratitude for your gesture.

11-Apr-08: Mike Abdalla - Trustee, TRF 2004-2007, District 5320

I want to congratulate you and your team for putting together one of the finest Past Officers Reunion that I have attended. The entire program was outstanding, with regard to the speakers, the content and the fellowship.

31-Mar-08: Rick Mendoza - PDG, District 5280

Past RI Presidents, Directors, Trustees and District Governors have a wonderful opportunity to meet with other Past RI Officers and senior RI leaders attending the International Assembly in San Diego. All Past Officers are encouraged to register for this event to held January, 2009